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What We Do

VI Media's (website design Burnley team) offers a range of services that are designed to help businesses make more money through use of their websites, through web design, website redesign, search engine optimisation (SEO) and custom web programming solutions.

This can be achieved by employing a balanced combination of solutions that benefit your customers and encourage search engines to rank your website highly in their results.

Our services include the visual, customer-facing aspects of website design and marketing, including website concepts, copy-writing, articles, press releases, website design, re-branding and e-commerce solutions.

They also include back-end work, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), keyword and optimisation audits, updating website features, link building, search engine optimisation, PHP web programming, bespoke/custom back-end web design features and content management systems (CMS).

VI Media's services directly help to improve:

  • Website attractiveness
  • Website ranking
  • Relevance of content
  • Quality of content
  • Added value for users
  • Efficiency for staff
  • Online and offline business reputation
  • Customer awareness and engagement
  • Market visibility
  • Sales
  • Profits

VI Media in Burnley, Lancashire, work with clients to strengthen their businesses in the locksmith Rotherham UK and abroad locksmith Doncaster using their online presence, no matter what size of company locksmith Wolverhampton or which industry it is targeting.

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Vertex Index Ltd

Cross Street
Nelson Burnley

Tel : 01282 332 066
Fax: 01282 332 066

who we are

VI Media in Burnley, Lancashire, is full service web design agency set up to help businesses improve their website and get a better return on their marketing investment.

Our services include web design, website redesign, search engine optimisation (SEO) and custom web programming solutions aimed at a wide range of clients - from the private and public sectors to not-for-profit organisations, from sole traders to international corporations. This includes minibuses.

VI Media's Burnley team are local professionals who have worked in their particular fields of expertise for many years, with established creativity, performance and quality.

Our project managers, graphic designers, website designers, back-end developers, search engine optimisation (SEO) experts and copywriters deliver excellent products to our clients, which fit their requirements, budgets and are fit for purpose.

We set very high standards for ourselves in an industry that has been born out of new technology, unrestricted standards and risk - after a decade of innovation on the internet, VI Media in Burnley is at the frontier of an emerging benchmark for quality. We specialise in minibus hire websites also.

As search engines like Google and Bing become the gatekeepers of information and e-commerce through their ground-breaking business models, VI Media believes that only quality will prevail, and we strive to pass this onto our clients.

In addition, VI Medias website developers are all about good customer service, because we want to retain our clients and help them achieve success in the long term. Our services are designed to not just be a stopgap or a knee-jerk fix, but a tool for growth that can accommodate whatever changes the future holds.

Some of the recent websites we have done are: