Web programming is the hidden element of your website - the coding which allows functionality for your and your customers. We have some of the best website programmers not only in Burnley but the whole of United Kingdom. We are well veresed in all programming languages as as such can utilise programming languages such as PHP , Peral ASP as well as many others.

While there are other methods of creating functionality in web programming. VI Media in Burnley has found that PHP offers unrivalled stability, security and reliability

VI Media has a small team of dedicated PHP programme developers, who are assigned to projects befitting their particular skills and strengths.

This ensures you, our client, get the product you want, that deadlines are met and with the extra peace of mind that the coder working on your website knows your brief inside out and will keep you informed and satisfied at every stage of the project, from conception to delivery.

Our PHP web programming boffins work hand-in-hand with our website designers to produce streamlined, efficient results, each skills set complementing the other and helping to create a product that exceeds expectations.

Here are a few examples of web programming projects we have undertaken. These include:

  • Conmstruction of business directories and portals
  • Membership applications
  • Web surveys software implementation in PHP and ASP
  • E-commerce solution integration and mangment software applications
  • Content management system implementation and integration
  • Booking Engines online businesses such as hotels and travel companies to be able to take online bookings
  • Booking Engines for Taxi and coach hire companies
  • Plus much more

Client web programming projects undergo rigorous testing for effectiveness and efficiency and, as always, VI Media agrees a schedule and a budget with clients before work is begun.

Our project managers will also help you make projections for potential website requirements in the future, to enable expansion of your web presence as well as maximising the return on your marketing budget investment. This last point is very important for business planning, growth and development, both in offline and online commerce.

Some examples of our most popular web programming projects include membership directories, membership application features, web surveys, e-commerce solutions and content management systems.


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